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Bois-le-Comte 1
6823 Villers-devant-Orval


A centre with spirit. A centre with a heart. A centre in full nature

Livre d'or

Un tout grand merci, je reviendrai tant tout fut parfait...
- Drago Cerne, Courcelles

Thanks to all we met in this part of Belgium, this was one of the most unique and memorable places we visited. 
- Andrew, Michelle & Leif (California)

I still have the beautiful image in my mind of looking out our bedroom window and seeing the rolling hills, the cart loaded with lumber and your garden. You really have a beautiful place on this amazing planet. And you care for it so well. We miss Simone's food! No one can believe it when we say the food was exceptional; she is a winner. And so are you. Thanks for taking such good care of us.
- Kathy Altman, Mill Valley - California

It was such a special time we spent with the group at Bois-le-Comte. Thank you so much for making your vision a reality and allowing us all to benefit!
- Julia Blaison, Berlin

Once upon a time, Luc showed me a picture of this little rural barn buried in trees and brambles. “This is it! Our dream! We found it!” he said, his voice shaking with emotion. Not so long after that, through his and many people’s generous, passionate and committed efforts, “it” had turned into a majestic centre and I was blessed to run the first group in the dance temple, a Sanctuary workshop which was a turning point in the lives of many of the women who attended it (I am told!). Bois-le-Comte (as this temple in the forests of the Ardennes is called) has continued to evolve and become more cosy, elegant and grounded a place to do transformative work.
- Susannah Darling Khan (UK)

I just want to repeat my thankfulness, I had a wonderful stay at Oost West. Beautiful place, extraordinary food, great rooms, professional and friendly, down-to-earth staff. Hoping to be back some time in the future!
- T.K., Norway

Sometime I will be back!! The memories of Bois le Comte and the woods are strong in my body and serve as a very heart warming anchor.
- Catherine Price (UK)

A very warm thank you to you and everyone at Bois-le-Comte for making my stay there so memorable. The gorgeous food, the generous service which made me feel so honoured and valued, and the clean and simply furnished rooms, which suit my needs very well.
- Julie Forsey, Edinburgh

Thank you and all the workers for creating a magical place. I enjoyed the contrast of sometimes being on my own and then surrounded by lots of interesting people. The children too brought a very special energy with them. I look forward to visiting in the Spring when the leaves are on the trees.
- David Saunderson, Reading - Berkshire (UK)

I often think about Bois-le-Comte. That is where I did Ritual many years ago and those workshops were incredibly important to me! I have friends that have done workshops in your place, and they talk about you and the place with so much love and gratitude, being deeply inspired about the whole spirit of the place.
- Berit Hague, Stockholm

Just to say a big Thank You for creating such a sanctuary to do the sacred work of the workshop. I wish you and your staff every blessing to continue with your conviction of treating the environment with such respect.
- Una McKeever, Clifden (Ireland)

I just wanted to say thankyou with all my heart, to all the staff at La Ferme. The week I spent with you was very special. The food was beautiful, as was my room, and the whole vibe of all the people working there was so LOVELY and Warm. Thankyou all so so much. Aside from that, the land its self really held me/ us, and I just feel so much thanks for being able to stay in such a clear, kind, generous place. Hurraayy!! 
- Yasia Leiserach, UK