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A centre with spirit. A centre with a heart. A centre in full nature

Group rates 2019

Prices include
• accommodation (minimum 2 nights).
• all meals (starting with dinner and ending with lunch)
• herbal tea, grain coffee, spring water and at breakfast real coffee on demand
• sugar-free biscuits during the breaks.

Prices per person per night*:
- in a three to four bedded room:
• € 65 (July & August) or € 61 (other Belgian school holidays) or € 57 (low season)
- in a twin / double room:
• € 78 (July & August) or € 74 (other Belgian school holidays) or € 70 (low season)
- in a single room:
• € 91 (July & August) or € 87 (other Belgian school holidays) or € 83 (low season)
(high season = all Belgian school holidays)

*These prices apply to groups staying two nights or more and consisting of minimum 12 persons.

Work spaces
The rent of the work space includes the use of the following materials: futons, tables and chairs, small music system. Other materials are available at an additional cost; see example contract point 4.3. for list and prices.
• temple room: € 140 /day*
• hill room: € 140 /day*
• creativity room / cooking class: € 80 /day*, or if used for cooking classes € 140 /day*
* A period starts not earlier than 6 pm (5 pm for the facilitators) on the first day and ends not later than 4 pm (5 pm for the facilitators) on the last day. The day of arrival and the day of departure count together as 1 day. (A full day is invoiced for both the work space and board & lodging even if the group starts later or finishes earlier.)

Minimum numbers (for group price)
The minimum number of persons for a standard group arrangement is 12.
If you want to rent the hill room, the minimum number of persons is 12 during the off season and 15 during the high season.
If you want to rent the temple room, the minima are 18 during the off season and 22 during the high season.
If you rent the creativity room / cooking class or if you don't need a work space, you can also come with a smaller group (minimum 8 persons); the basic (4-bedded room) price per person will be a little higher then; for details see the example contract  point 4.3.

We make one invoice for the total amount of the booking unless the following was agreed:
If participants or others wish to have an invoice for part of this amount and you yourself do not want to supply these invoices, you will give us a list (names + addresses) of all those wanting to receive an invoice (we will need this list before the start of the programme). We will make them an invoice at an extra cost of € 15 per invoice and we will invoice you the rest of the amount. Please inform your participants of the supplement for invoicing.