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A centre with spirit. A centre with a heart. A centre in full nature

Example contract

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte makes the commitment to put the rented rooms at the disposal of the group and to have organized these according to the requirements of the group. All rooms are clean and in good condition at the arrival of the group.

The person in charge makes the commitment to respect the following terms:

1 Rooms and material

  • 1.1 The rented rooms and items are used from the day of arrival until the day of departure. Day and hour of arrival (6 pm) and departure (4pm) (except other agreements mentioned in the offer of reservation) will be observed.

  • 1.2 The rooms will be available to you as from 6 pm ont the day of arrival. They will be left in good condition before 10 am on the day of departure. The center will be left at 5 pm at the latest.

  • 1.3 The rooms, environment and material will be left in the same state as it was at the moment of arrival. All material will be put back in their original place. This will be checked at the departure of the group.
    The guarantee will be paid back within the term of one week if everything is left in a good state. In case of damage the cost will be charged to the group by invoice.

  • 1.4 Domestic animals are not allowed.

  • 1.5 Waste and empties will be sorted out according to the applied sorting system of the center. The remains of products or material brought by the group itself will be taken with them.

2 Number of participants

The minimum number of persons for a standard group arrangement is 12.
If you want to rent the hill room, the minimum number of persons is 12 during the off season and 15 during the high season.
If you want to rent the temple room, the minima are 18 during the off season and 22 during the high season.
If you rent the garden room or the creativity room / cooking class or if you don't need a work space, you can also come with a smaller group (minimum 8 persons); the basic (4-bedded room) price per person will be a little higher then; for details see below point 4.3.
You book and pay for minimum this number of persons.
The number of persons will be communicated on the offer of reservation. This is the number of places we reserve for you and for which you pay. If you want you can increase this number afterwards, as long as we have places (beds) available.

3 Water and electricity

The cost of energy is included in the applied prices and agreed in the contract.
In case of excessive consumption a supplement will be charged.

4 Payment

  • 4.1 The guarantee of € 250 will be paid by transfer to the banking account number 523-0454467-97 of La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte and this within the term of 1 week following the sending of the contract signed by the official representative(s) of the group.

  • 4.2 An advance of 1/3 of the rent price will be paid by transfer to the same banking account mentioned above and this within the term of 1 week following the confirmation of the reservation.
    The reservation will be definitive after payment of the guarantee and the advance.
    The debit balance will be paid by banking transfer within the term of 1 month preceding the stay at the center.
    The agreement can be canceled if the payment is not done within the above mentioned period.

  • 4.3 Agreed prices (2019):
    Price per person (per day*)
    July & August: € 65 (4 bedded room) / € 78 (double or twin room) / € 91 (single room)
    other Belgian school holidays: € 61 (4 bedded room) / € 75 (double or twin room) / € 87 (single room)
    low season: € 57 (4 bedded room) / € 70 (double or twin room) / € 83 (single room)
    (if you rent the multifunctional room, or if you don't need a work space, you can also come with a smaller group (minimum 8 adults); the basic (4-bedded room) price per person per day being:
    July & August: 11 persons € 67, 10 persons € 69, 9 persons € 71, 8 persons € 73
    other Belgian school holidays: 11 persons € 63, 10 persons € 65, 9 persons € 67, 8 persons € 69
    low season: 11 persons € 59, 10 persons € 61, 9 persons € 63, 8 persons € 65)
    Bed linen is not included. People can bring their own or hire it (€ 10 pp).
    Price for work room (per day*)
    € 140 (hill room) / € 140 (temple room) / € 70 (creativity room) or € 140 (creativity room if used for cooking classes)
    included in the rent of the work room: use of futons, small music system, tables and chairs
    Price for use of additional materials, to be reserved in advance
    PA system: € 35 /day*
    beamer: € 15 per day or per session
    massage table: € 3 per table per period (maximum 5 tables available)
    protective cover for futons: € 3 per cover (use of protective cover is obligatory when working with oil or ginger; you can also bring your own covers)
    meditation cushion: € 1 per cushion per period
    meditation bench: € 3 for all (= 20) benches per period
    12 yoga mats: € 5 for all per period
    Price for purchase of materials, also to be reserved in advance
    tea lights: € 2 per 10 tea lights
    candles: € 2 per candle
    kitchen roll: € 2 per roll
    flip-over + paper: € 3 per 10 sheets
    Prices may change (by maximum 5%) according to the change of the consumption price index. Any change will be communicated 6 months before the rent of the center.
    * A period starts not earlier than 6 pm (5 pm for the facilitators) on the first day and ends not later than 4 pm (5 pm for the facilitators) on the last day. The day of arrival and the day of departure count together as 1 day. (A full day is invoiced for both the work space and board & lodging even if the group starts later or finishes earlier.)

  • 4.4. Invoicing
    We make one invoice for the total amount of this booking unless the following was agreed:
    If participants or others wish to have an invoice for part of this amount and you yourself do not want to supply these invoices, you will give us a list (names + addresses) of all those wanting to receive an invoice (we will need this list before the start of the programme). We will make them an invoice at an extra cost of € 15 per invoice and we will invoice you the rest of the amount. Please inform your participants of the supplement for invoicing.

5 Cancellation

  • 5.1. Any cancellation has to be done by letter. The guarantee, after deduction of minimum of € 125 per cancelled day, will be paid back when cancelled within the term of 12 months preceding the start of the rent. In case the cancellation takes place within a period of 12 to 6 months preceding the start of the rent, the renter is held to pay the complete advance (33% of the total amount of the rent). If the cancellation is done within a term of 6 months before the start of the rent, the renter is owed to pay the entire amount of the rent.
    This obligation is cancelled when the renter can replace his cancelled reservation by another group consisting of the same number of persons.

  • 5.2 A fixed administration cost of € 100 is charged at each cancellation of the contract.

6 Living in Bois-le-Comte

The internal rules and regulations, enclosed (or attached), will be communicated by the renter to all members of the group.

7. List of names

On your arrival you need to give us a list of the names of all members of your group (including facilitators). This is a liability for fire safety.

8. CHECKING IN aND rOOM assignment

The facilitator, assistant or organizer of the group checks in the participants and assigns them to their room. He / she arrives a little earlier than the participants and is then given a list with the numbers of the rooms assigned to his group. If you want the men and women who booked a 3- or 4-bedded room to sleep separately, we will need the number of men and women one month before the start of the workshop. (If you get more registrations than the number of places you booked, please always check as soon possible if there are still places available.)

The contract of residence includes:

Arrival: (date) 6 pm (5 pm for facilitator / organizer / assistant)
Departure: (date) 4 pm (5 pm for facilitator / organizer / assistant)
Number of participants: (maximum 57)
Kind of activity:

Sleeping facilities

Facilities available in Bois-le-Comte
First floor
R 11: double bed
R 12: double bed + bunk bed
R 13: double bed
R 14: 4 single beds
R 15: 1 bunk bed + 1 single bed
R 16: 1 bunk bed + 1 single bed 
R 17: 2 single beds
R 18: 1 bunk bed + 1 single bed 
R 19: 1 bunk bed + 1 single bed 

Second Floor
R 20: 4 single beds
R 21: 1 single bed
R 22: 1 single bed
R 23: 2 single beds
R 24: 2 + (duplex) 3 single beds
R 25: 2 single beds
R 26: 2 single beds
R 27: 2 single beds
R 28: 2 single beds
R 29: 3 single beds

Separate building
ground floor (entry inner courtyard): R 09: 4 single beds
first floor (entry hill room): R 10:4 single beds

Sleeping facilities in a standard contract include
- one bedroom with 2 single beds (which can be put together) for the facilitator(s)
- bedrooms for 3 or 4 persons for the rest of the group. It is also possible to book single or two persons bedrooms at an additional cost of € 26 per night and per room. You can book them as long as there are single or two persons bedrooms available. Of course, you can already book them right from the start too.

Work rooms
- temple room: 12,5 m by 9,5 m
- hill room: 10 m by 8 m
- creativity room: 7,5 m by 5m

- futons
- tables
- chairs
- small music system
- other:
Please let us know in advance which materials you would like to use.

- breakfast: 8.30 am
- lunch: 12.30 pm
- dinner: 6.30 pm
The stay starts at the date of arrival with dinner and finishes after lunch at the day of departure.
Dinner at day of arrival: 7 pm (unless you prefer earlier)

Snacks – non alcoholic drinks – alcoholic drinks
Bois-le-Comte sells organic snacks and drinks. The bar is at the disposal of your group, please take care so that the final payment is correct. Each group member records his/her consumptions and pays the last day to the person of your group who is in charge of the bar.
It is not allowed to bring your own drinks and snacks. Departures from this are only possible after previous consultation with the manager responsible for the center.

Special arrangements
(e.g. bed linen, sweat lodge, ...)