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Bois-le-Comte 1
6823 Villers-devant-Orval


A centre with spirit. A centre with a heart. A centre in full nature

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Our vision

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte is a unique, beautiful, powerful place. We want to care for this beauty and power and share it with others - guests, course participants, groups, workers, wwoofers, volunteers. We try to connect heaven and earth, spirituality and concrete action, personal development and being in service. We offer space for contact, reflection, and inspiration and hope that those who comes here experience that healthy and sustainable living is practicable and can be surprisingly fun, exciting and nourishing. For ourselves, for humanity and for mother earth. Hence our choices for

  • a 100 % organic (Biogarantie label) and vegetarian kitchen with fresh, seasonal and mostly local food
  • sustainable management of the land according to permaculture & organic farming principles
  • waste reduction and waste recycling
  • sustainable building & renovating: local stone, indigenous wood, straw & loam construction, natural insulation (wood fiber, flax, slates), natural paint & varnish, ...
  • natural and animal friendly body care products, health care products, maintenance and cleaning products
  • green energy: solar panels, wood pellet burners (with pellets coming from a local supplier), loamed tiled wood stove, spring water
  • compost toilets in the new work space and outside
  • ethical funding (Triodos bank and SoCrowd), ethical insurance (Ethis)

About our kitchen
We try to have our food as healthy and sustainable as possible:
• healthy: we cook from scratch with a large variety of fresh, pure ingredients (e.g. natural, unrefined, low-processed sugars and oils), using traditional food preparations for maximizing nutrient density and availability (e.g. soaking and fermenting)
• sustainable: local or shipped overland, minimally packaged, organic & fair-trade, ... 
Our kitchen is vegetarian. Not because meat can not be healthy and sustainable (it can!). But, besides practical reasons (availability, storage, food safety laws), it is vegetarian because we want to inspire people to go meatless from time to time and still enjoy tasteful and balanced meals. We mainly use beans (lentils, chick peas, ...) as protein sources. When we use soy, we use it fermented (miso, shoyu, tempeh) except for occasional small amounts of tofu. No soy milk, soy cream, soy pudding or other processed soy products.

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